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Brand builders.

We are a networked team of experts, all with track records in Blue Chip FTSE 100 companies. We can be employed separately or together depending on what best fits your business requirements.

Proposition Design

Deborah, I’m the founder of Ascendit and have over 25 years of senior operational experience in creating, growing and managing world class brands for companies such as Diageo, Barclays and Orange.

As the importance of brands in business grows, I feel passionately about helping all businesses take the opportunity to manage their brands to drive growth. This is why my business is dedicated to making blue chip brand management skills available for the Small and Medium business sector.

I specialise in creating complete clarity around why a customer will value and pay for your offer and I work on Value Proposition development including market research. I provide solutions which help you build a strong and credible story with customers, staff, partners, distributors or investors.

My team can help with naming, the development of corporate or visual identity and other projects such as national or international brand licensing and training.

For a more detailed look at the services that my team and I provide, take a look at our Services page.

Naming Design
Jess, I’m a specialist in creating distinctive names for businesses, products and services that help people find, choose and buy them more easily. A copywriter by background, I have clocked up years of practical experience, working to name individual offers or entire portfolios in businesses of all types from entrepreneurial start-ups to international Blue Chip companies.
Corporate Identity
Graeme, I’m a specialist in bringing your proposition and name to life in a way that you can use it in any communications materials. As a lead designer for many years, I can provide the framework and all the elements you need to get business-ready from external communications to internal communications or business stationery.
Sally, I’m a specialist in managing large scale brand projects. I can architect and drive the strategic and operational requirements of introducing, withdrawing or refreshing brands in situations such as acquisitions, mergers or licence agreements. I work nationally and internationally and can also deliver in-house training to teams, supporting companies to develop world-class brand management skills.